The candidate selection criteria require the following basic characteristics:

Music section

  • At least 40 years of career;
  •  At least 50 million records sold;
  • At least 1 billion views of content on social pages;
  • At least 15 million followers.

Cinema section

  • At least 30 years of career;
  • At least 5 successful films;
  • Actual awarding of an Oscar or Golden Globe.


  •  5 Oscar and/or Golden Globe nominations throughout his career.

Authors Section - Publishing

  • At least 20 years of career;
  • At least 7 successful books published;
  • At least 2 Best Seller and/or a film/TV script.

Entertainment section

  • At least 25 years of career;
  • At least 5 successful programs;
  • At least 2 official awards;
  • Being a well-known face in entertainment and TV

Secondary Categories - Global Legend Talent

For these categories, which do not fall within the basic characteristics required, we will award an exclusive plaque with fine finishes "Global Legend Talent Award", as recognition for great talent and as an incentive to pursue a magnificent legendary career and become a future Global Icon.

Global Legend Awards

  • Personalized award
  • steel and 24 kt gold.

Titles awarded for categories:

  • Music: Global Legend ICON
  • Cinema: Global Legend EPIC
  • Publishing: Global Legend TOP
  • Entertainment: Global Legend VIP


The management and committee of the Legend Music Awards will identify various Artists to whom the Awards will be awarded based on the required characteristics, evaluating every aspect of the artistic career.

Notes and considerations

Music: all musical genres and artist roles such as singers, bands, musicians, choreographers, dancers, artistic directors will be considered.

Cinema: the roles of Actors, Directors, Composers, Production and Distribution Companies will be considered.

Authors: authors/writers in the publishing, cinema and television circuit will be considered.

Entertainment/TV: well-known faces such as internationally renowned presenters, directors, authors and television networks will be considered.