Aphrodite Jones

Author of books - Author and Producer of TV Programs

Aphrodite Jones obtained the award first as the author of successful books and Best Seller, in particular for the book revealing untold truths on the behind the scenes of the media trial of Michael Jackson, entitled "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" and secondly as the author and producer of a successful program TV "The true crime" on the Discovery channel in the USA, a format created by herself and taken up by many other nations.

Geraldine Hughes

Author of books - Author and Producer of the Film "Michael Jackson Redemption"

Geraldine Hughes, awarded as the author of the book "Redemption" on Michael Jackson, which tells the story of the scam built against the King of Pop, in the first case of accusations. She is also a recognized missionary, as well as producer of the film, based on her book.

Massimo "Ferrari" Galfano

Singer, Author, Arranger, Musician, Producer, Vocal Coach. Massimo received a Special Plaque “Global Legend Talent Award” as a multifaceted artist in his over 20-year career.

Massimo "Ferrari" Galfano

Global Legend Talent Award

Antonella Bucci

Singer, Author, Actress and Performer, Antonella Bucci received a Special Plaque "Global Legend Talent", as well as for her multifaceted artistic merits, in recognition of her tireless support and message in favor of research on Multiple Sclerosis and many other acts of solidarity.