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The beating heart of Legend Music Awards

What we propose

Our Mission is to identify, select and reward Artists from different disciplines, considered true World Icons, who boast a career consolidated by years of indisputable successes, and who have also developed an attention towards social issues.

Music has always been the soundtrack of daily life and considered a very strong vehicle for reaching anyone, anywhere and spreading very important messages.

An Iconic Award reserved for Excellence!

We are looking for artists who have revolutionized history with their art!

We include the new Awardees in the "Global Legend of Fame" which will recognize the status of:

  • Iconic artist and living legend
  • Access to the Olympus of timeless and unrivaled Icons
  • "Unique" career recognition

A multimedia event - New Format 4.0

The New Generation Awarding - Express Himself

Legend Music Awards wants to take a further step forward, bringing an Event Format to a greater level of usability, an Award and a unique setting, with the updates that technology now offers, creating an iconic multi-platform event, both a real and virtual stage , aimed at a global audience, gathered to raise awareness, promote and implement humanitarian projects in a real world, where basic necessities are often lacking, concrete actions for populations and environments in difficulty through the Art of Music and Entertainment.

A large global and multimedia event, capable of involving and bringing together a much larger and more heterogeneous audience. An event with a strong media impact. But above all, an innovative way of awarding a career achievement, with a unique entry into the Olympus of the iconic excellences of different artistic disciplines.

An engaging, innovative and creative format, also adaptable to the world of the metaverse. A connection between tradition and innovation!

A philosophy of recognition that subverts the classic award paradigms.

Make it Happen - Make the Difference

Legend Music Awards for Charity

Bob Geldolf's vision with Live Aid showed us that it is possible to combine entertainment and concrete actions of solidarity.

Another Iconic Artist like Michael Jackson also worked for countless actions for humanitarian and social purposes, who, thanks to his immense genius and ability to influence the masses, gave us milestones such as "We Are the World", "Heal the World" and "Earth Song", capable of transmitting evolutionary messages to the world and realizing fundraisers, which have been able to support countless humanitarian, social and environmental projects, as well as a profound generational change in the approach to these issues.


Legend Music Awards with the creation and artistic training of the "Global Legend of Fame" will activate a fundraiser in favor of the Planet with actions aimed at nourishing the "green lungs" with reforestation in different areas of the world.

Furthermore, it aims to collaborate with serious and competent Environmental Associations and Foundations to clean up waterways, lakes and seas for the recovery of debris and plastic, which have now become toxic waste for the ecosystem!

It's time for each of us to make a difference!

Every drop that comes together can form an ocean!